Benefits of Becoming a Member of the HL Society

Members may have the opportunity
1. To promote the importance of having healthy lifestyle as a means of Saving Lives, Our Lives!
2. To showcase and share one’s talents, knowledge and skills during committee presentations or programs for the members.
3. To get to know other members of society and form good friendships, entrepreneurial skills while having HL activities.
4. To be entitled for prizes and freebies of Salinas products.
5. To join the Pacific Farms Inc. tour - 500 hectare salt farm located in Bolinao, Pangasinan.

HLSP Privilege Card

HL Card

1. Any member can avail a privilege card by purchasing P250.00 worth of Salinas Health and Wellness products. Those who have a card can avail an exclusive 5% discount on products.
2. The card will also be used to record points earned as a member.

Earning Points for the HLSP

Members may earn points by

1. An instant one point and freebies will be given upon completion of the membership form.
2. A member will be given one point for attendance.
3. Upon signing in a committee, a member will be given 5 points.
4. In every HL session there will be a healthy inter-committee competition. The committee who wins the title of the Best HL Society Committee, a prize of extra 5 points will be awarded in each member who helped during the day.
5. In every HL session there will be a healthy competition within each member of every committee. From the winning committee, one member will be chosen as the Most Valuable Member (MVM) and will be given extra 10 points.
6. Members can also earn points by purchasing Salinas consumer products. Purchases valid to earn points are all Salinas brands products.
7. For every P100.00 worth of single receipt purchase, one point will be given. Purchases can be converted to points only during HL activity. Present receipt upon accumulation of points.

How to Redeem the Points

1. There shall be prizes for accumulated points. Point system and prizes are as follows:

Gift Points
Secret Weapon Calendar 5 points
FHMTS Ballpen30 points
FHMTS Apron60 points
Tropics Face Towel 70 points
Tropics Bath Towel 120 points
T-Shirt (FHMTS, Nigari, FIS & Tropics) 200 points
Nigari Jogging Pants230 points
Php. 600.00 worth of Salinas Products400 points
Pacific Farms Inc. Tour1000 points

2. A member can start using points to redeem reward upon accumulation of at least 5 points. Redemption of points can only be done during HL activities. The member may choose to accumulate more points to redeem higher-value items.

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